Cybergirl Anika Shay is ruler of the wilderness in this set from picture taker Cassandra Keyes. Effectively as lavish as her surroundings, awe-inspiring Anika acquires the warmth a tight-fitting suit and heels. A free soul brought on a collective up in New Zealand, Anika has a solid admiration for her psyche, body and soul, and accepts that nakedness is the most regular thing on the planet. “I even rest bare,” she murmurs. “I read some place that it’s healthier. I don’t know whether that is genuine, however it spares me needing to purchase night robe!” When on area in Bali, Anika likes to pack light—a couple of swimming outfits are everything she needs to have a decent time. Apparel is undoubtedly discretionary. “At the point when the moon turns out, I like to get a bit freaky,” she says. “My optimal date is a bare shoreline, and I think great sex recuperates all injuries!” Get twisted up with the glorious Anika Shay, right here on Playboy Plu

Anika Shay in Jungle Kitty