We don’t know how, why, or who began it, however as Andrej Lupin’s “Contentions” starts, Kiara Lord and Nataly Von are occupied with a verbal tiff that incrementally grows into an all out battle. As tempers flare and the yelling increase they unexpectedly tempest off in discrete headings just to rejoin minutes after the fact, up close and personal, in a stairwell. Pressure is high — we can’t make sure if the infuriated wonders are going to reach boiling point or go to a comprehension. Thankfully, the warmth of the difference in a split second disseminates and is instantly supplanted by the overwhelming warmth of shared yearning. With the subject and substance of their contention now overlooked, they offer into their blooming yearning and an exemplary sample of sincerely charged “make-up sex” develops. Before long Lord drops to her knees and rapidly uproots Von’s dark ribbon underwear. She then plants her mouth on Nataly’s hill and starts to suck and flavor her smooth pussy. When Lord afresh ascends to her feet Nataly is in a high condition of excitement and Lord’s nimble, resolute fingers soon stroke and test her to an altogether fulfilling peak. Now that it’s her swing to present appropriate reparations, Von doesn’t squander a second. She pulls off Kiara’s underwear and starts to eat her from behind, then snakes a hand around and strokes her while proceeding with her oral considerations. Inevitably Von’s two testing fingers and flicking tongue demonstrate excessively powerful, making it impossible to withstand and Kiara quivers, groans, and shivers through a knee-trembling climax. “Contentions” closes with an unforeseen and unconstrained look in the background of the generation, putting a happy turn on a drawing in and amazingly suggestive scen