Ashleigh Hannah goes au naturel in this lovely set from picture taker Cassandra Keyes. In spite of the fact that it was her first time going to Bali, Ashleigh fit in with local people immediately. “I’m a daredevil, so I’m generally up for an experience,” she lets us know. “In the event that you solicited me to hop out from a plane at this moment, I’d absolutely do it. Shooting in Bali was similar to that—when Playboy welcomed me, I bounced on a plane and was shooting 24 hours after the fact!” The outcomes you see here are more sultry than the Indonesian atmosphere—this all-regular Aussie will make them sweat right away. “I used to be so camera-timid,” says Ashleigh, shaking her head. “That is the reason Playboy is an energizing open door for me. I’m agreeable stripped, so is there any good reason why i shouldn’t get before the camera?” Get it with the titillating Ashleigh Hannah, right here on Playboy P

Ashleigh Hannah in Hippie Shake


Play Boy