Cybergirl Iana Little takes it up a score with this hot boudoir set from photographic artist Jennifer Vaughn. In a dark ribbon up top and underwear, Iana drives us into the room, also into enticement and it ought to go without saying, yet we’re going, energetically. We don’t accept there’s a man on earth who, once welcomed, wouldn’t take after this perfect lady into bed. “Sincerely, I accept that sex offers,” says Iana. “I used to do style shows and lists, however I’m over it. Playboy is a symbol, so tasteful and in vogue that never goes out of style.” Neither does a delightful, normal body, and Miss Little’s got a standout amongst the most considerable bodies around—she may be petite, however she packs a punch and pops a few genuine goods. “My butt is doubtlessly my best resource,” she says, tenderly slapping it for accentuation. “I work out constantly, and I give careful consideration to my butt. I gotta say, its looking really great!” Work it out with the exceptional Iana Little, just on Playboy Plus.

Aura of Pleasure