Cybergirl Jennifer Ann goes bohemian in this set from photographic artist Cassandra Keyes. On area in southern California, Jennifer wears a headband and worker shirt, however not for long—she knows exactly what you need, and can hardly wait to take it all off. “Above all else, I cherish Playboy,” she says, blazing a brilliant white grin. “I’m completely regarded to be a model on Playboy Plus. For this shoot, we chose to run with something more wanderer roused, and I believe its presumably one of my most loved shoots ever!” From where we’re standing—or all the more genuinely, where we’re frail at the knees—this is Jennifer Ann at her most smoking and generally uncovering. Bohemian composition, without a doubt. “I utilize any reason to get stripped, and the greater part of my companions will vouch for that,” says Jennifer. “In the event that you all know of any great bare shorelines, most likely tell me!” Well fellows, you heard the woman sun’s out, buns out with Cybergirl Jennifer Ann, just on Playboy

Bohemian Beauty