Cybergirl Brittney Shumaker is absolutely overwhelming in this set from photographic artist Jose Luis. Cocoa haired, blue-looked at and all common, Brittney is sizzling hot—in only a T-shirt and underwear, she can’t resist the opportunity to need to move, so she feels free to does it. Now that is the thing that we call a pizzazz. “I adore music,” she says. “I’m interested in new and old music, however I do have a weakness for non mainstream. I cherish going to see unrecorded music—there’s no average night out for me, so you’ll never comprehend what’s in store!” You’ll require more than a couple of good show tickets to win Miss Shumaker’s heart—she’s into gentlemen who are shrewd, interesting and fair, and don’t utilize material things to attempt and charm her. “I search for a free, wild soul,” she says. “An audience, a defender, somebody enthusiastic I need it all!” Go the distance with Cybergirl Brittney Shumaker, just on Playboy

Brittney Shumaker in Warehouse Jam