Outline: In Episode II of Andrej Lupin’s “Grounds” arrangement Tracy Smile sizzled through a lesbian tryst with Roxy Mendez. Grin comes back to feature “Grounds Episode III,” however this time she’s cooperated with a male — Tim Bauer. Tracy is hitting the books when she gets a startling telephone call — beau Bauer is minutes away and needs to visit. Grin limits down the stairs and out the way to welcome her darling, however in the event that she needs to appreciate more than a kiss and an embrace she’s got the chance to be watchful. In the wake of verifying the gettin’s good, she sneaks Bauer into the residence and they slip into an utility storage room — concealed by any understudies or employees — and lock the entryway. Time is absolutely of the pith, however the rejoined beaus don’t surge, they relish their startling time together, kissing enthusiastically as their fever develops. First and foremost Bauer liberates Tracy’s full bosoms from her pullover and bra, then he bails her out of her jeans and grabs a bite of her sodden and succulent pussy. Tracy appreciates and exceeds expectations at oral, as well, and the penis massage she next manages consolidates talented sucking with tempting eye-contact. Despite the fact that its a long way from captivating or welcoming, the jumbled wardrobe manages abundant room and the couple start to fuck, first standing, then with Tracy spread wide on a counter, lastly situated in a seat. After Smile has been shaken by an effective climax she pauses a minute to regain some composure, then she rides her mate to a synchronous peak and inside discharge. There’s little time to appreciate the radiance, notwithstanding, on the grounds that someone is endeavoring to enter the bolted affection home — Smile and Bauer have minimal decision yet to get dressed and escape from a possibly dilemma. Surreptitious sex adds suggestive get-up-and-go to “Grounds Episode III”

Campus Episode III, Secret Guest


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