On the off chance that regardless you’ve got the winter blahs, then we’ve got a treat for you—a decent, huge dosage of our Playmate of the Year 2015, Dani Mathers. With her blonde hair, cocoa eyes and sunny aura, Dani’s a key asset for Playboy—more than a lovely face and a hot body, she’s a snappy mind and sharp scholar, ready to venture into any part without hardly lifting a finger. Now that is the thing that we call a PMOY. “I can talk out of a paper pack, however when I won Playmate of the Year, I didn’t comprehend what to say,” concedes Dani. “I couldn’t rest the night prior to the service. It felt like the first day of school!” Ever the expert, Dani ventured up to the plate—rather, the platform and conveyed her discourse to adjusts of praise, also couple of wolf-shrieks. “I’m little, however I pack a punch,” says Dani. “I’m fair, kind and a truly diligent employee. I’m gonna be the best Playmate of the Year there ever has been!” If you’re still wavering, consider this: On the arrangement of Dani’s shoot, there was rain and flooding, trailed by a delightful twofold rainbow. On the off chance that that is not destiny, we don’t recognize what is. “I’m gonna call that good fortunes,” says Dani, with a wink and her trademark grin. You’re in fortunes with Playmate of the Year Dani Mathers, right here on Playboy

Dani Mathers Playmate of the Year Extras