Abstract: It’s been well more than a year since Sexart chief Andrej Lupin discharged the first “Horizont,” which featured Ariel Piper Fawn and Lorena B. Presently, in “Horizont II,” the executive heads back to the shoreline with Amarna Miller and Linda Sweet in the featuring parts. Similarly as with the first, “Horizont II” is less a story than it is an inspiration of environment and feeling. With the wind blowing, waves smashing, and the sun sparkling, Miller and Sweet walk, run, and stroll along a stretch of uninhabited dark sand shoreline. They are both totally bare, “dressed” just with sheets that vacillate, buoy, and fold in the breeze. The inclination here is energetic, pure, practically dreamlike. The music swells and, similar to the tide, subsides. The sheets are currently gone and the partners are situated on a sensational outcropping of volcanic stone. With Amarna spread wide on her rough roost, Linda moves down Miller’s body until her face is covered in her accomplice’s red shrubbery. As Miller’s excitement develops she achieves down and hotly rubs her clitoris while Sweet’s fingers test and pump with gifted determination. Amarna’s climax hits hard and waits long, and she licks her own particular quintessence from Sweet’s fingers in a signal of adoration and appreciation. At the point when Sweet takes her position on the stones Miller goes energetically to work, kissing and licking Sweet’s smooth pussy and eventually conveying her to a peak that makes them groan and spasming with intemperate pleasure. With its reminiscent mix of the primal, ethereal, lively, and enthusiastic, “Horizont II” is no normal day at the shoreline.

Horizont II