Katia Martin makes her Playboy debut with this provocative yet-honest set from picture taker Robert Haas. Une vraie française, Katia comes to us from Paris, and has bounty to say in regards to the world’s most sentimental city. “In Paris there are such a large number of good things,” she spouts. “Montmartre, Montparnasse, croissants, espresso and red wine—such a variety of things to do and see.” As for Katia, she gives us a lot of things to see, as well—from her delightful face, reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot, to her petite regular body, Mademoiselle Martin is a veritable banquet for the eyes. “We shot these photographs in an excellent house in Budapest,” says Katia. “It was my first time to do Playboy, so it was extremely pleasant. I wore pleasant white undergarments on a bed.” “Decent” isn’t an in sufficiently number word for the dazzling Katia Martin, right here on Playboy

Katia Martin in Morning Strip