Companion Kayla Rae Reid makes a go at surfing in this lovely set from picture taker Sasha Eisenman. Bohemian in a beachfront tent, blonde-haired Kayla sheds her garments and chooses to hit a couple of ahead of schedule morning waves. “I knew these photographs were gonna be hot,” says Kayla, grinning comprehensively. “I was all oiled up, paddling out into the sea, and I could hear the screen clicking behind me. Sasha got some really incredible butt shots!” Sure, Eisenman is a capable picture taker, however our Miss July is really plentifully supplied in the butt division. From her exquisite face to her yoga-and Pilates-conditioned body, Kayla merits a show all her own. “I think my midsection and collarbones are my best resources,” she says. “I don’t know why, yet I find that is the sexiest piece of a lady’s body. I’m completely fixated.” Tell us in the remarks, fellows—what’s your most loved thing about our Miss July 201

Kayla Rae Reid in Longing For You