Worldwide model Martina welcomes us for a spot of tea in this set from picture takers Fredrik Andersson and Stanislav Vorobyev. Coming to us from Kiev, Martina depicts herself as a constructive individual, constantly encompassed by companions and gave to her yoga hone. “I have been a model six years,” she says. “I have done numerous photoshoots. Playboy discovered me, and I feel great—I have cherished Playboy from the time I was a young lady.” If her presentation is any sign, subsequent shows will be exceptionally alluring to be sure. This current one’s not reluctant to demonstrat to herself off for the camera, not in the slightest degree. “I adore the majority of my body,” she says. “I have long legs and a pleasant ass!” Appreciate the better things with the flawless Martina, just on Playboy Plu

Martina in Tea Time


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