Unwinding by the pool, Dillion Harper gets some tremendously required rest at her extravagant lodging. Taking a gander at her room key which was engraved ‘The Luckiest Hotel On Earth’, Dillion sets down not knowing how fortunate she was really going to be…Not far away, Jelena Jensen a masseuse at the resort furthermore a peeping tom, looks at Dillion with her binoculars in amazement with her monstrous bosoms. Jelena swore that she would have those tits in her mouth on the off chance that its the exact opposite thing she does. Jelena approaches Dillion with an enticing offer; 50% off the normal cost of a back rub. Dillion couldn’t say no to that kind of markdown! However, what she didn’t know was that Jelena was stalking her and this was all piece of a greater arrangement! Wanna know what that is? Watch and discover!

Mash-Up Monday Bikini Bodies Vol. 2