Milica makes some boudoir enchantment in this set from picture taker Robert Haas. Milica—professed factory its-a—may resemble an aggregate model, yet amid the week, you’re more inclined to discover her in a two-piece suit than a two-piece or unmentionables. “I am an occupied understudy, so I don’t have much spare time, however I like to travel, go out and walk my mutts,” she says. “I am considering financial aspects—I think in America you say ‘showcasing’— and I am glad for my future.” Milica’s optimal night out includes a club, a few beverages and a lot of house music. “For me, this is the best,” she says, grinning liberally. “For me, nothing is a liable joy. I do everything—I eat chocolate, I smoke and I don’t go to the exercise center.” Indulge in the numerous delights of Milica, just on Pla

Milica in Burgundy Hottie


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