Companion Rachel Harris has a remarkable collection of work in this set from picture taker Josh Ryan. She may be petite, however Rachel Harris has a genuinely slamming body—with a thin waist and common 32Ds, she has it going on to say the least. “Workmanship has dependably been a route for me to test myself sincerely and physically,” comments Rachel. “In my work you can see arousing quality by hush, youthful versus profound established, sharp close by delicate.” For our Miss November, craftsmanship making is an exceptionally physical try—her canvases are large to the point that she paints them on the floor, and she puts her entire body into her work. “I get so included in my work, sweating and slithering on the floor,” she says with a grin. “I like getting messy.” Work it out with Playmate Rachel Harris, right here on Playboy Plus

Rachel Harris in Body of Work