Rebekah Cotton is on island time in this more sizzling than-hot set from photographic artist Cassandra Keyes. On area in Bali, Australian-conceived Rebekah is sweating it—with temperatures up in the eighties, she’s more than prepared to take it all off. “It’s really hot in Bali,” she recognizes. “Indeed, even a swimsuit is a lot of garments! It’s fortunate I’m absolutely alright with my body. I truly like being bare!” Stripping down to only a couple of heels, Rebekah demonstrates no hint of hindrance. Whether she’s on set or in a fellow’s arms, she’s unquestionably not reluctant to go exposed, or of any potential spectators, either. “I’ve had what’s coming to me of sex on the shoreline,” says Rebekah, who experienced childhood with Australia’s northern coast. “Sorry mum! What would I be able to say, its truly fun!” Have a little fun with Rebekah Cotton, right here on Playboy Plu

Rebekah Cotton in Island Girl