Australian model Rebekah Cotton goes a bit wild this set from picture taker Cassandra Keyes. Done up in a scanty red two-piece, a couple stray leaves tucked into her hair, its safe to say that Rebekah is making the most of her time in Bali. Between a tolerant neighborhood society and the sweltering warmth and moistness, she discovers a lot of motivations to take her garments off. “I grew up close to Sydney’s northern shorelines, so I’m no more unusual to this sort of climate,” says Rebekah generously. “At the point when Cassandra inquired as to whether I needed to shoot for Playboy in Bali, I was similar to, ‘Um, no doubt!’ This was at two the morning, so I was scrambling to do my cosmetics and taking stripped selfies… however now here I am in Bali! How cool is that?” Slipping out of her two-piece and into the naked, Rebekah isn’t reluctant to make herself known not. Feel the warmth with the strikingly exquisite Rebekah Cotton, right here on Playboy Plu

Rebekah Cotton in Skinny Dip