Rebekah Cotton makes her Playboy make a big appearance in this intriguing set from photographic artist Cassandra Keyes. Blonde-haired and blue-peered toward, Miss Cotton comes to us from Sydney, Australia, a place that is known for rich daylight and close unlimited extends of shoreline. “I experienced childhood with the northern coast,” clarifies Rebekah. “When I was more youthful, I was truly into games, however now that I’m more seasoned I need to be a model!” A long-lasting devotee of Playboy, Rebekah was excited when she got an email from Cassandra Keyes, offering her the opportunity to stance. Before she could even hit ‘send’, she was rushed off to Bali, Indonesia and dolled up for the pictorial you see today. “It’s so stunning to at last be a piece of Playboy,” she says enthusiastically. “To get the chance to work with a brand I’ve appreciated for so long—well, that is truly something!” Admire the lovely Rebekah Cotton, right here on Playboy Plus.

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