Cybergirl Shannon Cole gets a little voyeuristic with this set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. At the end of a romantic evening, Shannon loves nothing better than a few glasses of wine, preferably in front of a roaring fire and with someone to keep her company. “I’ve always been better off single,” remarks Shannon, “but I look for nice, respectful guys. At this point, I’d rather be single than in a relationship, if only so I can do whatever I want…but let’s just say there are a lot of things that turn me on.” (For example, getting naked on a balcony in the middle of a crowded city—talk about sexual freedom.) For those of you up to the challenge, Shannon’s tastes are quite refined, but she’s open to many different flavors. “Oh, sure, an eight-pack of abs is ideal, but it’s not the most important thing,” she jokes. “I think it’s the little things that matter most, and I think it’s so sexy when a guy takes charge.” Tickle yourself pink with the kinky Shannon Cole, only on Playboy Plus.

Shannon Cole in Tickle Me