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Patient Has a Pussy Check Up – Fake Hospital

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Patient Has a Pussy Check Up

Doctor Fucks Patient From Behind – FakeHospital

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Doctor Fucks Patient From Behind

Doctor Gives Sex Support to Patient – Fake Hospital

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I don't handle a lot of referrals for plastic surgery in my clinic, but when Ivana Sugar came in wanting a bit of work done in "an intimate place" I had to hear her out. First of all, I asked Ivana to tell me everythi...

Sexy horny nurse seduces patient – Fake Hospital – Ani, Vanessa

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The doctor had been going through some personal problems, so I told him I would take a lot of his work for the day. He came in to thank me and he looked very upset. I tried to comfort him and before I knew it we were ...

Busty tattooed patient fucked hard – FakeHospital

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I had just finished giving my sexy nurse a creampie when there was a knock on the door and I realized my next patient had arrived. We quickly cleaned ourselves up and after the nurse got me a glass of water, I called ...

Doctor prescribes sperm treatment – FakeHospital

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A patient arrived this morning complaining of stomach pains. She'd been having them for 6 months, amazed she didn't come to me sooner! We went over a few preliminary questions but I really had to conduct a thorough ph...

Nurse sucks dick for sperm sample – FakeHospital

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I had a real weird case today. I had this guy come in and tell me he's been trying to get his wife pregnant for two years! We talked about possible solutions for awhile, it could be any number of things! I got to the ...

Patient gets the sexy treatment – FakeHospital – Nikky

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I was glad I came into work this morning when my next patient walked in, he was a young man with a great body and I was hoping to get a good look. He complained about a shoulder injury while working out in the gym, af...

Handy man gets to fuck nurse – Fake Hospital – Nikky

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I had a pretty big problem this morning. I wasn't able to see any patients because the examination table was very un-steady. Clearly something had broken! Thankfully, I had this big strapping guy come in to have a loo...

Stud caught giving nurse a creampie – Fake Hospital – Bianca, Croco, Nikky

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I was looking after the doctors appointments whilst he was out of office when in sauntered this very handsome looking young man. He told me that whenever he has sex with his girlfriend she always ends up finding t...

Patient wants her wet pussy inspected – Fake Hospital

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I had this girl walk in today. Boy was she hot! Perfect body. Anyway, she'd come in to see if she could get a tattoo removed. No problem I said. And after her insurance cleared the treatment, I got her to take her clo...

Horny student gets a good fucking from doctor – Fake Hospital – Tina

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The saying work hard, play hard definitely applied to an exchange student that came to see me today. She was new to the country and had been highly recommended to our clinic by some friends of hers. This beautiful bru...

Hot nurse seduces and fucks her old college professor – Fake Hospital

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I was sitting in the doctors office and I got the shock of my life when an old college professor of mine walked in for an appointment. He was surprised to see me also but he recognized me instantly even though we hadn...

Medical student gets her first anatomy lesson -Fake Hospital

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Medical student gets her first anatomy lesson