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Nurse seduces computer technician – FakeHospital

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Nurse seduces computer technician

Doctor creampies sexy tight pussy – Fake Hospital – Luca Bella

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Doctor creampies sexy tight pussy

Skinny babe needs medicinal cock – FakeHospital

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I had a young lady come in today, from the UK, and she was looking to get a stamp on her form that said she was legally able to drive. She was wearing glasses but unless they are very strong, it isn’t a problem. Of co...

Short-Haired Hottie Seduces Doctor – FakeHospital

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Short-Haired Hottie Seduces Doctor

Holiday maker strikes a sexual deal – FakeHospital

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I had a beautiful blonde holiday maker come to see me earlier today. She had been stung by what she thought was a bee, which had left 2 nasty stings on her arm. No big deal, but she didn't bother to take out any trave...

Sex prescribed by hot nurse – FakeHospital

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I had a patient arrive this morning who had sustained a nasty arm injury whilst playing football. He was here to see the doctor whom he had seen before and was just coming in for a check up to see how it was healing. ...

Cock therapy helps sensitive pussy – FakeHospital

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I had a couple of patients left for the afternoon, but it was winding down the for the day, or so I thought. A young and pretty brunette came to see me for quite an odd problem. She told me that her tits and pussy wer...

Nurse fucked hard by patient – FakeHospital

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My boyfriend is away at the moment working abroad. I was in the middle of taking a couple of saucy selfies to send him when a patient walked in without knocking! How rude! Being a consummate professional though, I ran...

Petite brunette gets full treatment – FakeHospital

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As my next patient walked in, I could tell she was a little nervous as she explained that she was having pains in her chest and that she was feeling very light headed. I needed to give her a quick examination to deter...

FakeHospital – American doctor fucks sexy nurse

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I was running late as usual, but the doctor doesn't normally mind as we have an understanding. So, it was with shock when I entered the doctors office to find a tall American sitting behind his desk looking angry and ...

Studs cock makes sexy nurse cum – FakeHospital

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I had ordered some food to be delivered for my lunch break and was patiently awaiting it's arrival whilst doing some paperwork. There was a knock at the door and a young stud entered who was not my usual delivery boy....

Doctor is up for a sexy threesome – FakeHospital – Ani Vanessa

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I had been enjoying an amazing sex session with my patient who was straddled over my face having the most amazing orgasm when the doctor burst into the room. He seemed a little upset at first as there were patients wa...

Russian babe wants Doctors cum – FakeHospital – Arua

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Sometimes as a Doctor you receive bizarre requests from patients. I had one today. I am not plastic surgeon, I take great pride in my work. I had a lovely woman walk in today who wanted to remove part of her pussy so ...

Patient fucks his sexy nurse – FakeHospital

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I was filling in for the Doctor. He had to go away for a few hours to see patients at home. I was just tidying his desk when in walk this tall, hot looking guy. He came in and sat down, he looked particularly down bea...

Fake Hospital E220 – FakeHospital

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Fake Hospital E220

Fixing Doctor’s Mood With Creampie – FakeHospital – Nikky

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Fixing Doctor's Mood With Creampie

Doctor seduces sexy holiday maker – FakeHospital

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It was late morning when I had an unexpected knock on my door. A beautiful english speaking girl walked in, and said she had made a last minute appointment due to her eye hurting her. She had the correct insurance so ...

Double cumshot for petite Russian – FakeHospital

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I received a call from an old friend the other day saying his daughter had some back pain. So I booked an appointment slot to see what I could do for her. When she turned up I wasn't quite expecting such a pretty, pet...

Nurse helps stud get an erection – FakeHospital – Nikki

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The doctor was away and I was in his office ready to help any of his patients if I could. I was waiting patiently when a very handsome older gentleman walked into the office, asking to see the doctor. I explained that...

Tight pussy makes doctor cum twice – FakeHospital

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I walked into my office today to see a stunning woman sitting at my desk. She had no appointment booked so I wasn't expecting to see her there and she asked me if I spoke English. She began to tell me that she had hur...

Doctor fucks Porn actress over desk – Fake Hospital

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The patient that came in to see me today looked very familiar, and when she said her name was Jasmine Jae it clicked. Of course I knew her, she is a UK Porn actress, whom I wanked off to many times over the years. She...

Hot nurse joins couple in threesome – Fake Hospital

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After getting over my initial shock of catching this sexy couple fucking in the doctors office, I found myself so horny that I wanted a piece of this sexual pie. I told them that I would not tell the doctor what had h...

Slim babe wants sex with doctor – FakeHospital

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I had another patient come in today. You'll never trust this current, she's had 3 specialists in 3 years! She was lovely, I needed to check she wasn't a dangerous patient! In any case, she guaranteed me it was on acco...

Busty beauty needs doctor to keep her contraceptive prescription secret – FakeHospital – Anabelle

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I truly wasn't feeling great at the beginning of today, I had fallen and hurt my collarbone, so I was all situated to leave the workplace when the medical attendant sent me in a patient. Kid, was I happy I hadn't ...

Young doctor fucks his sexy new nurse – FakeHospital

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So I've quite recently begun work at this new place. It's great, the staff are amicable however I have the say, the attendant I have...Wow! She was somebody I knew back in therapeutic school yet kid is she hot at ...