Tasha Banks makes her Playboy make a big appearance in this hot and very adaptable set from picture taker Cassandra Keyes. Dim haired Tasha is a model and dance lover in Vancouver, Canada, with a specialization in shaft moving truth be told, you have her work on the post to thank for her tight, conditioned abs and legs. “Shaft move and wellness are my actual interests,” clarifies Tasha. “Trust me, I’ve got some okay moves. I used to be modest, however when I began demonstrating and moving, I truly left my shell. We should simply say crap hit the fan!” Around the opposite, we think Miss Banks is a little cut of paradise seen here in a coordinating arrangement of unmentionables, she’s more than prepared to demonstrate to you what she’s got. Simply put on somewhat music, turn the lights down low, and she’s great. “Musically, I cherish anything that I can move to,” she says. “Give me the floor, and I’ll have an awesome time!” Get moving with the amble Tasha Banks, right here on Playboy Plus.

Tasha Banks in Show it Off


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