Molly Jane and Damon Dice aren’t a few any longer, however you wouldn’t know it from the way Molly treats him. She’s continually approaching him for favors, and its got Damon anxious. What is he escaping from this? When she brings him over to get her dry-cleaning on the grounds that she’s got a hot date today evening time, its the straw that broke the camel’s back. Yet, Molly makes him an arrangement – on the off chance that she can give him a back rub that’ll truly knock his socks off, the kind he’d been listening to she provides for a wide range of different fellows, then he’ll bail her out. They strip down in the parlor and cleanser up in the shower, Molly living up to expectations all over his pole from behind while he fingers her wet lathery pussy. At that point they move over to the shower, where Molly gets her clit licked and her face fucked before Damon slides his rooster forward and backward between Molly’s dazzling normal bosoms. Before long now is the ideal time for the genuine back rub play, and as Damon slides all over (and in) Molly’s oiled up body, he gets the back rub he generally needed when they were as one.

Wrapped Around My Finger